Homeschooling Kindergarten (An Update)

I thought I'd do a little update on our homeschooling journey since that's the thing that's keeping me most busy right now! :) Kindergarten is going well! We've had some ups and downs and we're still working out what works and doesn't, but overall we're having a good time. I think one of the main things I've learned is that you can't really "plan" anything out until you see what works for your child. You can plan all you want, but if they don't respond well to it, you're probably going to have problems. I've also learned that (in our household, anyway) playing and learning life lessons teach us so much more than drilling or imitating traditional school ever could.
We've started the Letter of the Week curriculum (available from Confessions of a Homeschooler) which Zeke really likes. He's "getting" his letters so much more and having a lot more fun doing it. It's also nice because if you change it up a bit here or there, you can use it with kids a little bit younger (like Ellie) or a tad bit older. We're still using Starfall's free online phonics games and also the Level K ABC printouts they have on the Download Center. I've noticed Zeke spelling out things a lot more and pointing out what shape things are. We've been playing with his blocks just about every day and not just building but also grouping them by colors and doing simple math. We're doing the A Beka Bible lessons I got from my church and various other workbooks, crafts and activities. Our dining room is our school room now - we have a big cabinet my husband got at an auction that's filled with most of our homeschooling materials and a table that holds our big white board with all our charts. I'll try and take some pictures this week so you'll have a visual to work with!
I also had the opportunity today (well, technically yesterday) to "shop" and chat with a local veteran homeschooler. She and her family are members of our local co-op who ran a sort of lending library out of their home. They had a whole huge room of their house filled with homeschooling stuff that people could swap and borrow. Their children are all grown and done with homeschooling now and they posted on our co-op's online group that they were wanting to give stuff away to anyone who wanted/needed it before they take what's left to the local mission store. They met us with a warm welcome and showed the kids right to the toys so I could browse around and look things over. After getting two giant boxes full of stuff, we chatted about homeschooling and it was just great to hear from someone local who was so nice and who's homeschooled five kids successfully. One of their girls charmed the kids so much they didn't want to leave! (The toys probably helped too!) We carted our treasures home, though and I'm very excited to use them. I got quite a few things we can use now - phonics games, crafts, activity books, cds - and some older things we'll probably wait to use until first and second grade. I also got several books for me, including a Charlotte Mason book I've really been wanting to read. Until my next update! :-)

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  1. I am interested in homeschooling how would one get started and look into that??


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