Star Wars and Bullying

Today I read this story about a little girl in first grade who is being bullied for liking Star Wars. Her name is Katie and in the article her Mom wrote she called out to any female Star Wars fans to share their thoughts or comments to let her know she's not alone. I've been seeing tons of responses and that's wonderful! Here's mine:
Katie, I'm twenty four years old, a girl and a Star Wars fan. My Dad first watched the movies with me when I was a little girl, probably around your age, and I've liked them ever since. He saw the originals in the movie theater and him and I actually went to see Episodes 1 - 3 in the theater together. I've shared the love of Star Wars with my son (who is in Kindergarten) and it's one of his favorite shows. I'm sure we'll also share it with his baby sister when she gets old enough too...she already plays with all the Star Wars toys we have all over the house! We even all dressed up as a Star Wars family last year for Halloween. :)
I got bullied in first grade as well, and I can understand how hurt and upset you must feel. I got glasses not too long after I started first grade and got called all sorts of silly names. I also somehow inexplicably made enemies with a very mean girl in our class who took every opportunity to pinch me, poke me, knock my glasses off or twist my arms. Thinking back on it, I wish I would have stood up for myself, or told one of my parents about it sooner. I did tell them eventually but it was quite awhile after the bullying had started. (Kudos to you for telling your Mom! Don't ever be afraid of telling her stuff - she'll always help you out with any problems you have.) But what's done is done and in the grand scheme of things, it didn't matter. The mean girl moved away and I grew up just fine. I put the bullying behind me and progressed on through elementary school, middle school and high school where along the way I met some terrific friends who shared my interests like music, reading and even Star Wars. I've always been proud to be "geeky" - I like all kinds of science fiction things and anything to do with space, magic or fantasy. In fact, tonight one of my best friends and I are dressing up in costumes and going to the Harry Potter movie!
Don't let anyone call you names or tell you things are "just for boys" - they don't know what they're talking about! You're a unique and interesting little girl - if we had went to school together, I bet we would have got along! Your differences make you a wonderful person - if we were all the same, the world would be REALLY boring! And I bet those boys have "different" things about them too that maybe they're trying to hide or make sure no one notices. Sometimes people bully others to hide things about themselves or because they feel insecure. Stay strong and may the force be with you! :-)

Some strong female Star Wars characters!

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