Well Hello There!

Yep, I'm still here...I didn't fall off the face of the Earth. It's been a busy week or two (or three) and I just haven't really had a lot of time to sit down at the computer. We've had our regular homeschooling, our Monday trips to the library, family stuff, a homeschooling bowling party, babysitting almost every day, a Halloween party at the library, a family cookout and we had family pictures taken! I'll write some more comprehensive posts on some of those things a little later but for now I'll give you the highlights. Homeschooling is going pretty well. We're doing a new curriculum which Zeke loves and which I'll write more about later. We went bowling with our homeschooling co-op last week and they're going to make it an every few weeks occurrence which Zeke is thrilled about. We got family pictures taken this past weekend by my dear and darling photographer friend. I've seen some of the pictures so far and love them! I can't wait to see more. Here's one of my daughter and my cousin's son:

The kids had a wonderfully chaotic Halloween, which I suppose is really only appropriate, considering the name of this blog. ;-) We live in the country with only a few houses around us so we don't go trick or treating like a lot of people in town do - we just take the kids around to our family and friend's houses. Some live further than others and we generally stop to chat for a bit so it makes for a very long night. Both kids were yelling and crabbing in the van on the way to my parent's house and I was definitely feeling like I was OVER the holiday already...but they both fell asleep on the ride home and were happier when they got up the next day. And of course they loved wearing their costumes. (As did I. Yes, I do dress up every year!) Zeke was Iron Man and Ellie was a bumblebee:

Oh, and before I forget - today's Election Day! I'm taking the kids with me to the polls here in just a little bit while hubby is busy working at them. It's a good lesson for Zeke to see how voting is done and to talk about how elections work. If you haven't voted, please make sure you do! Check out Vote411's Poll Finder if you're not sure where to go. I can't wait to see what happens in these races and will be watching my TV tonight in anticipation! :)


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