Christmas Celebrations

We've had a lot of difficult and stressful things happen this past year. And right before Christmas several other things happened that turned my life into an even more chaotic mess. But of course we pressed on, moved forward and I only had one or two crying breakdowns. Which is pretty good, considering. :-)
My step-daughter arrived a day or two before Christmas and my kiddos started running around like they were crazy. They love her so much and just go nuts when she gets here! My parents came down to give the kids their presents and our house turned into a giant explosion of toys, clothes and gift wrap! The kids had such a good time and enjoyed going through their presents all evening long. My step-daughter especially enjoyed her cupcake/cake maker and the mp3 player she got. My parents got our family a Wii and that has gotten quite a workout. My step-daughter went home on Christmas Eve and we began preparing for our annual Christmas Eve dinner. Tempers flared and cross words were spoken while we cleaned but that always seems to happen to us when we're stressed or doing things in a hurry. We ended up having a enjoyable evening, though - lots of good food, family and fellowship. Late that evening we went to our church's annual Christmas Eve service where my son slept on the pew and my daughter head-butted me in an effort to stay awake! After we got home and got the kids to sleep (which didn't take much at all) the hubby and I played a late night game of Wii bowling and then finished up our "Santa-ing."
I woke up to (as how my hubby described it) "Bing Crosby tap-dancing in our living room" which actually turned out to be Zeke jumping up and down in excitement because Santa had brought him a new bike! He told me he "rode it around in a little circle 'cause I wasn't sure if I could ride it through the house or not." We got baby sister Ellie up and her first order of business was to eat the rest of Santa's leftover cookie. They both had a blast opening presents. We had two more holiday gatherings - that evening we went to my Gramma's for my Dad's family Christmas and the next day we went to my husband's uncles for his family's Christmas. I think the kid's favorite toys are obviously the Wii, for Ellie - all her new babies and for Zeke - his new trains and tracks. I'm slowly moving the house from "Christmas Chaos" back into "Normal Chaos." I'm ready to get everything back in order and get back to a more normal schedule! Or as normal as it ever is here...

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