Happy (?) Holidays

December is always such a busy month, for my family and for most other families I'm sure. I've been going crazy planning, wrapping...and mostly worrying. I've been trying to clean house in preparation for our annual Christmas Eve dinner at our house but with kids it's sometimes like trying to hold your house together while a tornado is passing through. I guess I've also been worrying about how we'll get everything done. Our homeschool co-op had a lovely Christmas party last week with lots of good food and crafts. Zeke loved spending time with his homeschooling buddies. This Sunday the children are going to have their program at church - Zeke is going to be a candle! My step-daughter will be coming over this week to spend time with us and have her Christmas here. And of course this next weekend will be filled with all of our Christmas festivities! Whew.
I've noticed on Facebook there seems to be a lot of Grinchy-ness going around recently - people complaining about their families, dreading family events, getting angry while shopping, bickering & fighting, etc.  I keep reminding myself though that this is a fun season for fellowship, family and faith. It should be enjoyed and cherished. I'm looking forward to a lot of things in the next week:
- Our Christmas Eve dinner. We've had one here at our house for the last two years and I've always had an enjoyable time. Sometimes my parents will give the kids their gifts. I'm hoping this year we can get some card games going and maybe even do some karaoke, if I can convince somebody from the family to bring one of their gaming systems. I also look forward to this dinner because my husband is a GREAT cook! :-)
- Our Christmas Eve service at church. Each year they have it at 11 PM and it's always a special time. I love coming home, tucking the kiddos in and then putting together Christmas presents with hubby. I enjoy opening presents as much as the next person
- Reading on Christmas Eve. I started a tradition last year of reading aloud the Christmas story from the Bible and "The Night Before Christmas."
- Presents. I love watching the kids open their presents! It's so much fun. And I'll admit, I love opening my own presents as well. ;-) I love watching my hubby open his presents the most because he HATES surprises (hee hee) so I pride myself on keeping his gifts a secret.

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