Review: Plus Size Costume Supercenter

Update - 2019: Their website is defunct now so I took off the links.

A little while back I wrote about dressing up for the Harry Potter movie premiere. And not too long after that, I found out that Plus Size Costume Supercenter was looking for people to review their costumes. They specialize in plus size Halloween costumes but also have other things like accessories, wigs and even Santa costumes.

Not to sound blunt, but I am by no means a tiny girl. I don't feel like I'm a huge blimp or anything but the costumes in the stores always seem to run incredibly I thought this sounded like the thing for me. I've always loved dressing up for Halloween and I imagine I probably will as long as I'm able. I am definitely wanting to improve my Bellatrix "look" for next year so I chose the Gothic Devil Girl Adult Plus Costume. Contrary to the name I think it will function as something other than a devil girl! I plan on losing the collar and using it as a Bellatrix costume - it definitely looks like something she would wear. I may also possibly wear it to the Renaissance Faire that happens up by my parent's house each summer - I keep meaning to go but never have.

As for the costume, it arrived quickly and it's very durable. The fabric quality is very nice and the extras on it are all made of good material. I actually ordered it a bit larger because I was worried about how costumes always seem to run small and I can say that this one runs true to size. It's actually a little bit big on me for that matter, but it's got an adjustable tie-waist so that's easily remedied. I'm very excited to wear it next year!

Plus Size Witch Costume
Disclosure: I was given my choice of costume (up to $40) in exchange for my honest review.

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