2011 Goals

Remember those goals I made back at the beginning of this month? Me neither. No, I'm kidding...I really do remember them. I figured since it's the last day of the month I should probably do a little "check-up" to see how I'm doing!

Pledge to write a blog post every day in 2011: Yep! Doing good on that one so far. :)
Get more fit: Eh, I'm doing so-so on that one. I've been exercising sporadically. But I do feel that I've done better paying attention to what I'm eating and trying to cut back on bad things. I could definitely do better on this one, though.
Better relationship with God/Read Bible and pray more: I feel that I'm doing very good with this one. I feel so much better, so much more "on track" if that makes sense. Hubby and I have been reading a devotional book (almost) every night and I've been trying to read my Bible a little - even if it's just for five minutes - every morning.

I also just wanted to mention that the "Snowpocalypse" blizzard is supposed to be arriving today or tomorrow so I may (or may not) have internet access. It's supposed to snow a gazillion feet and be bringing a crapload of ice but I'm assuming it probably won't be too big a deal. You never know though, I guess so we'll just wait and see!

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  1. Good work on your goals!! a little bit is better than nothing come the first of the month!


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