Coming Attractions

In the spirit of movie theaters everywhere, I present to you Wonderfully Chaotic's "Coming Attractions" - also known as "the things I'm going to be writing about this year!"

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  • Posts about my family - I guess that should be obvious. Just so you know, I'm never going to stop posting about them! There will be plenty of celebrations, parties, homeschooling, family events and general silliness going on, I'm sure. My daughter and son will turn 2 and 6 this year, and my step-daughter is going to be the big 1-0. (Ten, that is.) Big Daddy (as my son has come to refer to my husband) and I will celebrate six years of wedded craziness bliss. I hope to be writing before too long that Big Daddy has also found his dream job...or any job for that matter. We're sick of having him around the house. (Just kidding! We love him.)
  • More giveaways, reviews and contests. As long as people still like them, I'll keep hosting them. My blog is definitely not going to become just about giveaways and contests but I do enjoy having them once a month or so.
  • The publishing of the book I'm in! I'm going to be featured in an upcoming book but I don't really know much about when it's going to get published, other than sometime this year. So I'll write more about that when I get more details. I'm also hoping to write some articles and posts a few other places.
  • More blog posts about the things that interest me - and hopefully you too: homeschooling, natural childbirth, food, books, parenting, products, writing and of course my life.

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