Homeschooling Challenge: Baby on Board

I don't know about everyone else's kids but my littlest who will be two in March has to be in on everything anyone else is doing right now - especially during school! Whenever Zeke (who is five) is working on school stuff she has to have "work" to do too. I shouldn't complain because both my kids are usually pretty good and I'm glad that she wants to join in, but this phase is especially difficult when I'm trying to teach something specific or if Zeke is trying to work on his own. The best ways I've found to solve this problem are:
  • By doing "the hard stuff" before Ellie gets up or while she's napping. If there's something specific I want to teach Zeke or if it would be too messy/hard/challenging for Ellie (like a science experiment) I can plan to do it while she's napping or before she gets up in the morning.
  • Giving both kids a similar thing to do can work well too. For example, if Zeke is working on a coloring page with markers, Ellie can work on one too - just with crayons. (Unless she's confined to her highchair, then she can have all the markers she wants!) In the pictures below, Zeke was working on a book my Gramma got him that has magnet letters. Ellie really wanted to be in on it too but Zeke really wanted to work on spelling words by himself so I put Ellie in her highchair and gave her our Letter of the Week curriculum letters I made so she could "do letters" too!


  1. Good solutions! My kids are 5 years apart in age, so we did a lot of giving both kids similar work to do. We used Montessori in their early years, which worked great. Then we did KONOS unit studies, so we did some activities together and related but age-appropriate activities part of the time.
    Deb @

  2. I will remember this when my little one gets a bit bigger. We have an infant now while schooling my first grader and preschooler. The infant is getting to be a challenge as he's more mobile and gettting into stuff as we are trying to work :)


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