New Year, New Goals

2010 in review....well, it was an interesting year for sure. It started off with a bang when my husband lost his job. Wheee! Or not. But surprisingly it's been a good learning experience and we've grown a lot because of it. My husband still continues his job search and we've dealt with - and are still dealing with - unemployment. We also had a lot of celebrations - my daughter turned one and my son turned five. They both had great birthday parties. I celebrated five years of marriage with my darling hubby. We started homeschooling in August and it's been quite a journey. We spent time with family and friends, enjoyed each other's company, disliked each other's company, had good days, had chaotic days, changed a million diapers and through it all came out doing pretty well.

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Almost every year I make resolutions that I generally forget about a few days later because I don't keep track of them, or because I get discouraged or busy. So this year I'm doing something a little different - I'm joining the 2011 Blog Dare over at Bloggy Moms. I'm pledging to post every day in 2011. I've already been planning out posts and even writing up some of them ahead of time - or at least jotting down some ideas. I decided to do this so I could keep my writing skills sharp and to keep myself accountable for the goals I'd like to meet. Obviously, one of my goals is to write each day this year in some way, shape or form - even if it's just my thoughts on the day. The Blog Dare is really going to help out with this goal because for one, I'll have lots of people to be accountable to and for two, there are monthly prompts posted to help me out if I draw a blank! So writing is my first goal. My second goal is to get more fit. I'm not going to say lose X amount of weight or anything like that - I just want to be healthier. My family received a Wii for Christmas and for the past almost week or so I've been exercising with the Wii Fit. I've also been trying to be more conscious of the things I eat and how much. Once the weather gets nicer, I want to spend a lot more time outside - go on more walks, play more games outside, etc. I know if I get my family involved and interested in these ideas I will be able to keep up with it all. And lastly, my third goal is to deepen my relationship with God. I honestly very rarely read my Bible anymore. I have the usual excuses - I'm busy, I don't have time, I have so many other things to do - but this really needs to be a priority for me. Even if it's just reading for five minutes when I get up in the morning, I need to do it. I also need to be more diligent in praying.

So there's my goals for the year! What do you think about resolutions and goals? Are you joining in the Blog Dare? (Also I just have to note that it's 1-1-11! What a cool date!)


  1. Hopping over from Bloggy Moms! Great goals. Happy New Year!!

  2. Great goals! I need to get fit myself, haven't exercised in about 8 months. Looking forward to your one-a-days, I love your posts. (:


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