Our whole household (well, other than the baby) has been under the weather today with runny noses, congestion, coughs and the like. Ellie seems to have super-power immunities. (Knock on wood.) Hubby was looking today for a letter we got in the mail awhile back and we figured since we already felt like crap, why not do some cleaning? We got quite a bit accomplished even with being sick! 

In other news, I went to a craft night Friday night with my Mom and one of her friends. It's a thing they're trying to do two or three times a month - the gals have a craft night and the guys have a video game night. I decided to take my scrapbooking stuff and it would have worked out great....if I'd remembered my pictures! But I worked on designing some pages, regardless. I'm trying to work on getting Ellie's baby book/scrapbook finished before her birthday so I can have it out for people to look at - and my family scrapbook really needs updating. My Mom's friend has all sorts of neat card designing things that I may check out on our next craft night.
I also got a bunch of e-books from my Dad for the new e-reader (appropriately called "The Book") that I got for Christmas and I'm really excited to check them out - he gave me several books I'd been wanting to read but had never gotten around to checking out from the library.

I was hoping we'd be able to go to church in the morning but with all the germs we're sneezing around, I don't think that's a wise idea. I'd write more but honestly, I just feel like going to bed...and I think I shall! :-)

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