TTT: Top 10 Simple Ways to Get Exercise

Top Ten {Tuesday}

I'm joining ohamanda's Top Ten Tuesday! I've been trying to get back into exercising and let me tell you, it's not always easy! Here are my Top 10 Simple Ways to Get Exercise:

1. Find something you actually like doing. If you're doing some sort of exercise regimen you hate, you'll be more likely to sleep in instead or find other ways to fill your time. Since we got a Wii for Christmas, I've been doing exercises with the Wii Fit Plus. It's super fun! I'm the Hula Hoop Champion in our household. :-)
2. Don't be afraid to try something new or different. Heard of a new workout that sounds like fun? Check it out! Always been interested in a gym but never tried it before? Do it! You never know until you try!
3. Don't try to get the closest parking spot possible when you're out and about. (Unless of course you're in a hurry or have a carload of people!) Park further away and get in some walking.
4. Go for a walk with your spouse or kids. Tell them you're going to play a game on your walk - alternate jogging for a block (telephone pole, every other house or whatever marker you want to use) then walking for a block, then jogging, etc. Or have the kids bring their bikes and ride alongside you.
5. Find a friend who wants to get in shape and ask them to be your exercise buddy. Make a list of exercises or physical activities you both like and see what you have in common. I think that exercising and getting in shape is a lot easier when you have someone that you're held accountable to.
6. While cleaning your house, it's easy to work in some simple exercises. Do toe touches or stretches while picking up clutter and toys. While mopping or sweeping, do just a little extra to work your muscles more.
7. While watching TV, during the commercials try to get up and do something active. Run around the couch until the show comes back on or go run up and down your stairs a few times. (Unless you're like me and you DVR everything so you can fast forward through the commercials!)
8. Videos, DVDs, gyms and classes are great too. I first learned about Zumba through several friends who were going to weekly classes for it. I thought oh that sounds so fun...but I don't want to go dance in front of a bunch of people! So I bought the DVDs and they are a lot of fun. (A lot of work too, whew!) Maybe someday I'll get brave enough to go to a class too. ;-)
9. Exercise can come from anything you do during your daily routine. Examine the things you do each day to see how you could add a bit more physical activity to them. (Walking on your breaks at work, exercising while your kids are napping, push-ups while baby has tummy time on the floor, fitting in time for the gym between appointments and classes, etc.)
10. If you're completely lost or if you have significant health problems, make an appointment with your doctor and ask him/her what type of exercising routine they'd suggest for you.


  1. Oh man, I needed this list! Thanks so much for sharing your ideas. It's can be so challenging to exercise every day, especially with little ones underfoot!

  2. I REALLY need to start exercising again. I am hoping to take my kids for a walk in the double stroller a few times a week and do a salsa DVD a few times a week. I think the hardest part is just getting into the habit.

  3. It is very hard getting back into the habit! It's very easy to put other things as a bigger priority.


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