A Change of Plans

Well, I had this weekend all planned out...hubby had to work every day but Sunday. Friday night was my friend's art show, Saturday I was having a party for my friend who just recently started selling 31 Gifts and Sunday we were going to spend as a family - church, possibly a quick grocery store run and stopping by the Maple Syrup Fair. Sounds fun, huh?
Friday morning Zeke woke up flushed and saying he felt "a little of a sick." His temp was just slightly higher than normal and he seemed to be acting okay, so I didn't worry too much. We set off for my friend's art show but on the way there I noticed that Zeke's ears and cheeks were reddening and that he seemed very lethargic. He was really good at the art show but I could tell he was feeling worse. When we got home, I took his temperature and it was 102. No wonder he was acting like he felt bad. I gave him some children's fever reducer and let everyone know the party would have to be rescheduled. His fever finally broke this morning after hubby got home from work so I guess we'll just have to wait to see about tomorrow's plans!


  1. aww i'm sorry to hear zeke is sick! hope he feels better!

  2. Poor little guy but so happy to read his fever has broken. Hoping he feels 100% soon!!

  3. awww sorry to hear little one isn't feeling good!! Hope no one else catches it lol!


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