Friday Hops & Weekend Plans

Happy Friday everybody! I've been inside since Monday and am going slightly nuts...not really, but the kids and I sure are getting antsy. We may have to venture out today to the library if nowhere else. Hubby is going to be on third shift all weekend - Sunday too - so that kind of stinks. But it's also good because I was planning on going out with a friend for her birthday tomorrow afternoon and since his schedule changed, he'll definitely be able to watch the kids for me! These frequently changing schedules kind of stink but I'm not going to complain because he has a job and that's the most important thing. :) As far as the rest of our weekend, Sunday church is cancelled so I'm not sure what we're doing that day. I think the Superbowl is this weekend...I'm obviously not into sports so I don't know for sure. My family usually has a Superbowl party so I may have to bother call some of them up and see what's going on. What do your weekend plans look like?

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