Thankful Thursday

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This week I'm thankful for:

~ Hubby having steady and gainful employment. It's a challenge to get used to a new schedule but we couldn't be more grateful that he's working.
~ All the great blogs and websites I read online. Every day I learn something new, find a different recipe to try, make a friend or something equally awesome. Technology can be a great thing!
~ Surviving the winter storm! It's been really icy out (or that's what hubby says anyway, I haven't actually been out in it) but we thankfully only had our electricity go out briefly a few times on Wednesday evening. Other than that, we've been fine! I was also very thankful that we were well prepared beforehand, just in case something did happen. I saw SO many people on Facebook going nuts and running out in the nastiness to get supplies at the last minute - it made me very thankful for our food and wood storage!


  1. Lots of things to be thankful for!! Any legal job nowadays is one worthy to give God the glory for!!


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