Winter...I'm Not a Fan.

As I was telling one of my most fabulous friends earlier, I still have as yet to leave the house since Monday afternoon. I'm starting to feel a little like Jack Torrance in The Shining...not as murderous, but definitely as stir-crazy! We didn't end up going anywhere yesterday because when I went to get something out of the van I about fell down ten times. I wasn't about to try and manage carrying a baby and keeping track of a busy five year old out in all that ice. I was supposed to go out with a friend for her birthday this afternoon but with all the ice and the increasingly growing snow drifts, we had to cancel. This was the view from my front step a couple hours ago:

MORE SNOW! Blah... on Twitpic

The kids and I are debating going out into it and playing for a little while. They've been pretty good considering how much they've been cooped up inside. I got out their play tent and tunnel to play with today in the living room so they've been enjoying that. It's surprising that since we've been home so much that our house is actually looking messier...but I guess we've been here more to mess it up. We've watched way too much television and I know we're all getting on each other's nerves. Hubby has tomorrow off so maybe the weather will be better and we'll get a chance to go somewhere then? I sincerely hope!

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  1. Me neither. But, unfortunately it has been one of those weeks where I have had somewhere to go everyday.


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