An Addison Ranch Update

"Little darling, it's been a long cold lonely winter..."

I thought that line of song seemed rather appropriate for the animals of Addison Ranch recently. Our animal numbers have dwindled down to just eight chickens - four red ones and four white ones - due to the cold, predators and illness. (Nancy Pelosi Chicken is still around which is the most important thing I guess since she's the favorite.) It is sad to lose animals though because not only do they provide us with eggs but also our pets, much like other people's dogs or cats. (Except I don't let them inside because then they'd poop all over my floor.) We all enjoy them and they each have their own little personalities. And speaking of eggs, the chickens are laying again! Beautiful big brown and white eggs - one in particular that I picked up this morning I'm sure is a double (if not a triple) yolker.

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