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I've recently entered the Mom Central Grants Program for a chance to win $2000 to put towards my blog and my writing! Here's some more about how this program is going to run:

- First I had to fill out an entry about why I need this grant and how I would use it. I wrote about how I'd like to expand my blog more and attend a blogging conference. I also would like to look into getting some of the books published I've been working on. You can read the full entry with all the details HERE.
- Next, public voting started yesterday and will run through 4/15/11 - people are able to vote once per day.
- At the end of the contest on 4/15, Mom Central will pull grant recipient finalists and winners from 3 categories, based on Alexa traffic rankings. At the end of the public voting period, the top 15 submissions in each of the following three categories, with highest number of votes, will be considered a Finalist (a total of 45 Finalists will be selected):

Category 1: The top 15 submissions with the highest votes whose blog traffic falls into the top tier of traffic (based on Alexa traffic rankings)
Category 2: The top 15 submissions with the highest votes whose blog traffic falls into the mid-tier of traffic (based on Alexa traffic rankings)
Category 3: The top 15 submissions with the highest votes whose blog traffic falls into the low-tier of traffic (based on Alexa traffic rankings)
- On 4/16/11 a grant selection team made up of 16 Mom Central employees will review the Finalist group and choose two recipients from Category 1, two recipients from Category 2 and one recipient from Category 3. Submissions will be judged on: Blog Need – 40% and Blog Vision & Aspiration– 60%
- Finally, the winners will be announced on May 2, 2011
. A total of five $2,000 grants will be awarded!

I think it would be so awesome if I were to win one of these grants - it would really help me achieve some good things with this blog and my writing.
If you'd like to read my entry to see how I plan to use it and what my ideas are, please go HERE. (If for some reason that link doesn't work, my entry is entitled "Enjoy Your Wonderfully Chaotic Life.") You can vote for me by clicking on the green button that says "Vote Now." I would so much appreciate a vote from you! (Don't forget to bookmark it because you can vote daily! I've also added a button in the "Ads & Sponsors" part of my sidebar which you can click and it will take you right to my entry.) Thank you all SO much! :)

(Also, if you are a fellow blogger - you can enter this contest too! Check out the Mom Central Facebook page for more information.)

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  1. I voted! Best of luck!
    CJR @ The Mommy Blog

    ps. Be sure to check out my giveaways!


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