Review: Moms Into Fitness - 60 Day Slimdown

I recently got the opportunity to try out Lindsay Brin's 60 Day Slimdown System - a workout and meal plan system just for moms. Here's a little bit more about Lindsay and the DVDs:

Lindsay Brin is the creator of Moms Into Fitness and 13 fitness DVDs made just for moms. This 60 Day System comes with 4 DVDs, a 60 day meal plan, fitness test and progress tracker. 

This cutting edge System will boost your metabolism and have the pounds melting off within the first 10 days. Get started today with the 3-phase Nutrition Plan any mom can follow, a detailed Fitness Calendar and Progress Tracker. Check your fitness level on Day 1 and Day 60 with the Fitness Test to see the stronger, leaner, new you. In Phase 1 all workouts can be done in 30 minutes or less. Then in Phase 2 you will challenge your body even more so you continue to shred your core - and lose even more fat - all in 45 minutes or less. Also included, a bonus Phase 3 so you learn how to see results after the initial 60 Days. In 60 days you will Super Charge your body for the Ultimate Slim Down! The meal plan is designed with recipes the whole family will enjoy - smoothies, grilled cheese, shrimp tacos - no tofu and broccoli here!

Check out the free Stroller Pump workout! Visit and use Coupon Code "sp1" or "sp2" for Level 1 or Level 2.

If you'd like to connect with Lindsay and watch her get her body back after 2 babies and 4 IVFs, you can visit her personal blog at She will also be posting all her pregnancy weight gain woes since she is currently pregnant with baby #3. You can also see all of the free workouts she's posted by going HERE!

I've really enjoyed these DVDs so far. I have not stuck exactly to the plan but that's the beauty of it, I think - you have so many different options and choices in workouts that you can mix and match them to your needs or wants. The progress tracker is nice because you're able to see your real-time results in several different areas.
I like that Lindsay is cheery on the DVDs but not overly so - do you know what I mean? Other workout videos I've tried the hosts are SO cheery and excited to be working out that you just want to punch them. (Or is that just me? Hmm...) What I'm trying to say is that I like her attitude - it feels like I'm working out with a friend who's also a mom. And very fit! :)
And speaking of moms, I liked that the DVDs were focused on them (moms) and the issues we face like - possibly limited workout time, post-natal recovery, carrying babies around, breastfeeding, etc. My favorite DVD was probably the Post-Natal Bootcamp. Although it's been 2 years since I had my last bouncing bundle of joy, I am by no means a fit mommy. The Post-Natal Bootcamp I find challenge but also a nice way to ease into exercising, without hurting myself - which has happened before! I also like that on it there are 3 women working out - each one doing either the Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced workouts - so you see how you can start out and then progress on as you get more used to exercising.
I visited Lindsay's blog and the Moms Into Fitness website and I loved all the information I found - how to get rid of common problem areas, answers on choosing a DVD, free workout videos and lots more. It was so neat to see Lindsay's photo slideshows of herself, her real body and her different levels of fitness pre- and post-baby. Overall, I think this is a really great workout program for moms of all types.

Disclosure: I received the 60 Day Slimdown System for free in exchange for my review. The opinions expressed are honest and my own.

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