An Overdue Update

Things on Addison Ranch have been as wonderfully chaotic as ever. Zeke's been busy with baseball practice, I've been babysitting and hubby is working, working, working and doing homework. We've been homeschooling (albeit, somewhat sporadically throughout the day) and I've been trying hard to keep up with spring cleaning and getting rid of lots of stuff. Ellie is talking a mile a minute now and running ALL. THE. TIME. I joined an online forum my friend is a member of and I love it. I'm starting a new venture here within the next week or two that's going to be exciting. (Before you ask it's not more babies! LOL. I'll blog about it later.) It seems like there's never enough time for me to get done all that I want to accomplish. I haven't been on the computer much over the last week or so because I feel like every time I get online, I get sucked in and end up messing around online for hours at a time - and not doing other things I need to be doing. So I'm just doing computer time in the evening now for the most part. I do have several new posts this week and a giveaway coming up so stay tuned. :)

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  1. ROFL!!! preaching to the choir!! I know what you mean I do that just putter around doing nothing online when I need to be working lol!!


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