Review ~ E-Book: The Curiosity Files - Puffer Fish

All About The Curiosity Files
The Curiosity Files is a unit study series available from The Old Schoolhouse Magazine that discusses a variety of different oddities from around the world including dung beetles, MRSA, quicksand and zombie fire ants...just to name a few! We had the opportunity to review the one on puffer fish which you can see here. It's 77 pages long and chock full of good stuff. It covers a little bit of each subject and contains the following:

~ Bible study and memory verses
~ Math, history, and geography investigations
~ Literature and a suggested book list
~ Writing, spelling, and vocabulary activities
~ Copywork pages (manuscript and cursive)
~ Science observations, projects, and experiments
~ Discussion questions
~ Art, crafts, drawing, and coloring pages
~ Lapbook and notebook pages
~ Internet resources and video links
~ A complete answer key

It's recommended for ages 8 - 13 but I thought it was easily modifiable for younger kids. It's in PDF file format so it's easily printed off or viewed on the computer.

Our Review (And Pictures!)

Some of the activities in this were a little too old for Zeke but we were able to modify them to where they worked for him. The actual lessons about puffer fish I broke up into smaller segments so he wouldn't be getting too much information at once. He's only five so he's distracted by what my Dad calls "shinies" all the time! :) You could also easily add on other activities that relate to it as well. Zeke asked me, "Does puffer fish start with P like Papa?" so we ended up playing a little game about things that start with P that wasn't included in the e-book. This series strikes me as something little adventurers would really be into - it has a great multi-sensory approach with all the many activities for different types of learners. And also perhaps kiddos who are in that stage of "loving strange, odd and occasionally gross things." (Do they ever get out of that stage?!)

Reading about puffer fish
Making a "colorful puffin' fish" as Zeke called it, hehe. He ended up making it purple & blue.
Learning about ordinal numbers.
Making a puffer fish craft
Helping Ellie make her puffer fish

Where to Get It
You can purchase the Puffer Fish Curiosity File (or any of the other titles in the series) at The Old Schoolhouse Store. It is available for $6.95. You can view a sample of it here! (Link goes to PDF file.)

Disclosure: I was given this unit study in exchange for my honest review. This post is the second part of my application to be on The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew  for 2011 - 2012.

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