Spring Crafts

Although it's still early, my kids are already pretty excited about Easter. (They get excited pretty early about every holiday really!) So the other day when I was browsing Gummy Lump's "300 Crafts for Kids in 2011" blog post, Zeke was looking over my shoulder and excitedly pointing out all the ones he wanted to do "RIGHT NOW!" (Be sure to check out that link if you have little ones because there are tons of great crafts to do!) We did the Easter Eggs Hiding in the Grass craft.

Here are the kids coloring their Easter eggs. I photocopied some of the egg templates that were in the Better Homes & Gardens Crafts for Little Kids book that I got awhile back. (It also has lots of great craft ideas in it.)

And here's our finished finished product - the grass is a little sparse (I thought) but that's the way the kids wanted it! If we do it again (and I'm sure we probably will) I'll probably pick out a darker colored background paper so the lighter colored eggs will show up better. We ended up having quite a lot of grass left over so we decided to make another picture as well.

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  1. love it! what a lovely craft. i really enjoy the cute art pieces my 3yo brings home from her preschool. it always makes me happy.



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