Busy Weekends

These past couple weeks have been quite busy here on Addison Ranch. In the past two weeks:

~ I turned 25. On the Friday before my birthday, I celebrated by going shopping with the kids, my Mom and Gramma. My Mom got me some stylin' new clothes and we had a long but enjoyable day. We also got the kids pictures taken that day and they turned out SO good! You'll have to stay tuned for Wordless Wednesday to see them! Unless you have me added on Facebook...then you've probably already seen them, haha.
~ The next day (my actual day of birth) we celebrated my best friend's baby's first birthday. She was adorable and the party was a lot of fun.
~ The day after that we celebrated Mother's Day. My hubby woke me up that morning to give me a Mother's Day/birthday present of a Stephen King book I didn't have (he's one of my favorite writers) and a gorgeous emerald necklace. (My favorite AND my birthstone!) Now he's just trying to get me convinced to get my ears pierced so he can buy me the matching earrings. Yes, I'm 25 years old and I don't have my ears pierced. No real reason, I just never have. Now it's just a matter of principle...I haven't done it so far, so why do it now? ;)
~ We also went to a baby shower on Mother's Day for my cousin and his girlfriend on my Dad's side of the family. They have since had their baby which turned out to be a boy! (They waited to find out which I admire...I've always wanted to know and found out as soon as we could, haha.)
~ This past weekend we celebrated my Great-Grandma's 90th birthday! I hope I can live that long - and still be that active. But I think she's probably more spry than me NOW, to be honest! It was nice to see her and some of my Mom's extended family that we don't see that often.
~ Today we should have gone to my step-daughter's birthday party but I messed up and thought it was at a different time so we completely missed it. FAIL on my part. Ugh. I felt like an idiot. I am hoping we can have her over here soon though and have a little (belated) celebration with her. She was having a sleepover with her friends tonight though so I'm sure she's having a good time.
~ And in between all those things, we've had two baseball games a week, babysitting, church, hubby has been working, homeschooling and just life - you know, cooking, cleaning, bath time, etc. So I apologize for not updating sooner...I've been a tired momma! :)

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