Not At ALL Wordless Wednesday: DSD & A Busy Bee

As I mentioned in my Busy Weekends post, I've been keeping pretty busy recently. This past weekend I went to the DSD (Diaper Sewing Divas) Conference in Michigan with my baby girl, my bestie and her littlest girl. DSD is an online forum (you can see it here) for ladies who make cloth diapers - as the name suggests, lol - but they also discuss other things as well like sewing (obviously), childbirth, parenting, crafts and homeschooling. I don't cloth diaper but am interested in it and am getting back into sewing so when my friend mentioned the forum a month or two ago, I thought it would be a good thing to join for some inspiration. I saw where they were planning a meet-up in Michigan and since it's not *too* terribly far from us, we made plans to go.
Our hotel was super nice and we met some really great gals - I'd definitely like to go back to that area of Michigan again. It would make a nice weekend trip. I only wish Ellie would have felt better while we were there. She was getting over a throat infection so she was fussy and crabby.
In addition to Ellie's throat infection, last week at the doctor he thought he heard a heart murmur. He did say that she had a lot of congestion and chest noise though, so it was hard to tell. We go back tomorrow to have her checked out again since she'll be completely over her sickness. Hopefully it's nothing! :( And in addition to going to the doctor last week and tomorrow, we also had to go yesterday for the Z Man who is sick as well! Whew. We started his medicine though so hopefully he can play in his baseball game Thursday.
This weekend isn't going to be too busy for us (thank goodness) other than going to my cousin's graduation and possibly a cookout. As for now, I need to get busy on all the different things I need to get caught up on! :)

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  1. I just got sick myself and I have all that congestion i know how she felt! :D!


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