I'm baaaaack!

And I'm not dead! Although I have felt like it some over the last week or so. ;) I had the Sickness from Heck. Seriously...for two days I basically just laid on the couch wheezing and watched America's Next Top Model marathons with Ellie while Zeke stayed with my Aunt. (Thank goodness for her too, by the way. She kept him AND took him to his baseball game for me.) The Sickness seems to be on it's way out, though so woohoo! I did try sweating it out by working in the yard with the hubby over Memorial Day weekend but that didn't work. We did get a lot accomplished though. We started a project right behind our house where eventually there will be a patio instead of a big dirt pile. :)

The kids had a wonderful time getting dirty and climbing in said dirt pile. They also got to have an impromptu lesson on worms after we found a veritable "Worm City" (as Zeke called it) in the newly dug dirt:

We also let them help out planting the big garden - although they haven't quite mastering walking BETWEEN the rows of plants...so a few suffered an untimely death. There's been more stuff added since I took these pictures so I'll post more as the season goes on. So far we've planted beans, peas, tomatoes, peppers, cabbage and corn.

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  1. wow lucky girl with all that land!!! I can't wait to see what yummy things you'll make out of the produce!


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