Knock Knock!

*peeks around door* Yep, it's me again! Sorry I'm failing at posting in a more timely manner. It's strange how life is either completely boring - so I have plenty of time to blather on about things no one wants to hear about - or it's exceedingly busy - so I have tons of fun stuff to write about but no time to sit down and actually write it. So here's a bulleted quick list of what we've been up to recently:

~ Z Man went to Mini 4H Camp last week. He was gone every day from 8 - 4 and it was quite different not having him around. He really enjoyed himself and was excited to see his stuff at the fair this week. He made a dinosaur book for his 4H project and they also did several things at the camp that are on display too.

~ We just got back on Sunday from a trip to Nebraska for hubby's family reunion. They have it every 5 - 6 years. The last time we went, Z Man was just a little baby. The trip went very well and the kids did a lot better than I thought they would. I expected screaming, tantrum throwing and endless "ARE WE THERE YET" type questioning but was pleasantly surprised to only experience a few minor meltdowns. And those were just from me. ;) Rest stop playgrounds were a wonderful way for them to run off energy and stickers are a must-have for any future trip. Zeke thoroughly enjoyed a paddle boat ride with his Dad.

~ Hubs is working a lot and I've had a lot of Pink Spa stuff going on. I've had two successful parties and while we were gone to Nebraska my first commission check came in the mail! I was super excited. :) I have 1 - 2 parties this weekend and am trying to meet my goal of selling $300 worth of stuff - I'm very close - so I can earn a special prize from my team leader.

~ We're going to our county's (and several others we teamed up with) Republican Lincoln Day Dinner tomorrow and I'm very excited to hear the Govenator speak.

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