(Not Entirely) Wordless Wednesday: My Man Mitch

I'm as giddy as a school girl. And why is that, you ask? Because I just got to meet the Hoosier State's own "My Man Mitch" tonight...also known as Governor Mitch Daniels. I've been a Mitch fan for awhile now - I believe I've mentioned him once or twice. I campaigned for him back in my 'ol college days. Hmm, do we have a picture of that?

Ah yes, I see that we do. Well regarding tonight, we went to a Lincoln/Reagan Day Dinner and Mitch was the speaker. He stopped by our table and talked for a few minutes while dinner was being served but I was too chicken to say much of anything. After he spoke I figured how often do I get to be this close to someone I really admire? So I went up to the front and stood there for 15 - 20 minutes, letting people cut in front of me because as hubby mentioned I'm not very "assertive" - but I got my turn to speak with him. I did not call him "Guv'na" in a British accent - we have a lot of different accents & voices we use here on Addison Ranch - but I did think about it. ;)
I chatted with him for several minutes, gave him my bloggy business card and mentioned that I've written on here some about politics, but mostly about parenting. He said that was good and how parenting was so much more important and very graciously took some photos with me. He's just as nice as I always figured he would be and I love that he speaks so openly and candidly. I thoroughly enjoyed the talk he gave at the dinner and I agree with him that it was really nice to see several counties going together to have a bigger event rather than several small ones. I'm sad Mitch won't be running for President (I think he would have made a great one) but I understand and I think it's wonderful all the things he's done for Indiana.

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