Our Curriculum Choices: 2011 - 2012

I started writing this post quite awhile ago and am just finally getting around to posting it! After homeschooling for a year, I feel like I've gained some perspective on what Zeke likes and dislikes and what methods are going to work for us. For our curriculum this year, we're going the eclectic route - we're using some Charlotte Mason methods, some Montessori, some Christian Liberty Press materials and various other assorted things. We are doing a year-round school schedule, although we've modified it a bit so it will work for us. We started the stuff I listed below in May (lightly, since it's still summer and we've been pretty busy) and are going to be taking time off during the holidays and other times. Listed below are our specific subjects, what materials we'll be using and more of me blathering on about what all we're doing. ;)

Reading/Language Arts/Phonics: Adventures in Phonics ~ Level A, BOB Books from Scholastic - Books 1 - 4, 5 - 8 and 9 -12; Starfall.com and lots & lots of our own books.
(We got the Bob Books starter set that has CDs with it and both kids really like them. We also have some other assorted phonics/language arts games and workbooks we're going to use. And of course we'll be visiting the library weekly!)
Math: Making Math Meaningful ~ K and Time & Money workbook.
(Update: Not sure what we're using yet...MMM isn't been working out. Other than the manipulatives kit...both kids love that!)
History: History for Little Pilgrims from Christian Liberty Press - textbook and coloring book
Social Studies: Core Skills Social Studies workbook, Grade One
(This book was very cheap & we've enjoyed what we've done so far. It has a lot of topics that I can easily find crafts & things to add to it. A very good deal!)
Science: Our Father's World from Christian Liberty Press and My Calendar Book from CLE
(I put the Calendar Book under Science because it's got a lot of temperatures, weather observation, seasons and stuff in it.)
Bible: We have a children's Bible we'll be using and some extra A Beka Sunday School materials my church has given us. We're also going to be studying a different character quality each week.
Art: Play dough, crafts, decorations for holidays, etc. I bought some Do a Dot markers - we'd been using Bingo daubers (essentially the same thing) with the Do a Dot pages but I figured since Zeke likes them SO much, I'd buy some of the real deal. :)
Music: I am going to start teaching Zeke piano.
(I've played since I was in first grade but am very out of practice so hopefully this will motivate me to play more. I got a book called Progressive Piano for Beginners that looks like it will work pretty well. It also came with a CD of the songs and a DVD that explains more about piano & such which I think is pretty cool!)
Handwriting: A Reason for Handwriting (I wanted Level K but accidentally bought Level A instead but it's working out fine so far.)
Etc: We'll of course be using other resources I've picked up here & there and things I've gotten off the internet from some of my favorite blogs. This is also our first year on The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew - woohooo! - so I'll be leaving some wiggle room in our schedule for those additions. (Momma is very excited about that! hee hee)
Zeke played baseball from April-ish until about the middle of June and is definitely going to do it again next spring. Our homeschool co-op hasn't been doing a lot - I got an invitation to join another one and am looking into it...it's a little more of a drive, though. We plan on continuing to meet up with the mommas & kids in our local playgroup and probably go on some field trips with them. We'll also be going to the park, Children's Museum and other local places of interest throughout the school year.

Must-Haves for Momma: Our Scotch laminator (LOVE this thing) and laminating pouches, printer/scanner/copier and LOTS of paper, my camera, regular 'ol school supplies and lots of patience. :)

FOR AN UPDATED LOOK AT OUR CURRICULUM, please check out this post I made in January 2012 about the starting of our second "semester" ~ http://www.wonderfullychaotic.com/2012/01/addison-academy-weeks-1-2.html

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  1. great job I want to homeschool i think, but i am unsure of my abilities. Kudos!

  2. It looks like you've got some great things lined up for the year! We've done A Reason For Handwriting before and really liked it. Here's to a great year (and thanks for linking up!)

  3. Hi! Stopping by from HHH. Looks like you have a great year planned out! Thanks for sharing, I always like to see what others are doing :)Good choices! We are glad you linked up today!

  4. We use a lot of CLP too, and we love it!

    Thanks for linking up with me. This has been fun.

    I am now following you.



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