Addison Academy: Week One

Although I'm trying to do a modified year round schedule with our homeschooling, I haven't kept track of much of anything we've done over the summer months. Or more realistically, it's probably been since April-ish. And we've been kind of hit or miss over the summer. I'm remedying that now though by making a goal of writing down each evening what we did over the previous day. I can't promise I'll get online and update every single day but I am writing it down on paper so I can enter it on here. I'm horrible about making a super set schedule and then going off of it and everything going to I'm just making a general plan of what I want to cover through the week and writing down things as we accomplish them. Today was our first real day getting back into our groove of schooling. I'll update this post as the week goes on.

Monday August 1 - I received Before Five In a Row today for Ellie and will be going to the library tomorrow to get books for it and for Zeke, as well. Here's what Zeke accomplished today:
- A Reason for Handwriting - Lesson 3, Numbers
- Read aloud 2 stories from Bob Book 1
- Followed along as I read "Pirates"
- Adventures in Phonics, pg. 41 - C & K consonant sounds
- Began creating "Our Book of Character Qualities." Today's lesson - Truth vs. Lying, found & read Proverbs 12:22. Made up story, drew picture of it and discussed questions.
- History for Little Pilgrims, read and discussed Chapter 2
- Science, Our Father's World Chapter 2 page 6 - The Sun

Tuesday August 2 - Not much schooling was done today. Or perhaps I should say no schooling at all. LOL. But in our defense, we spent the morning running errands and the afternoon/evening visiting with a friend we hadn't seen in awhile and babysitting for another friend. So it was a life lesson day. :)

Wednesday August 3, Thursday August 4 and Friday August 5 - These days were a blur of activity so I'm combining them all into one!

- A Reason for Handwriting, Lessons 4 & 5
- Adventures in Phonics workbook pages
- Science, Our Father's World - The Moon
- History for Little Pilgrims, finished up Chapter 2 and did coloring pages from Little Pilgrims coloring book
- Leapfrog Letter Factory movie
- Created "The Apple Core" restaurant in our living room with kid's table & chairs, made menus for it, cooked (pretend) food and wrote down orders
- Adventures in Odyssey, listen & discussion
- Read 6 books from library

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