Addison Academy: Week Two

Like my new graphic? :) I'm going to start putting it on my weekly homeschool posts. (Many thanks to Shabby Blogs for all their free graphics I can mess around with!)
This week didn't go too bad, other than I've been somewhat under the weather so we didn't fit in everything like we did last week. Since my hubby works third shift, he has to sleep during the day - which is not always easy to do with two little ones who like to run and yell and make lots of noise. So this week to try and help out (and since the weather was so much nicer than it has been) we did a lot of outdoor activities and things away from home. Tuesday was our library & park picnic day. At the library, we zoomed off to the children's library which I love. In addition to all the books and cozy places to read, there's also computers available for the kids with educational games, tons of puzzles and a couple animals. (There's a turtle in a tank and Oliver, the library cat.) Zeke played an Arthur game on the computer for awhile before decided on 2 Star Wars books. We also got a big giant treasury book of children's stories to read together. We took a picnic lunch to the playground after that and played, read our books and enjoyed the nice sunshine.
For our Character Quality Study this week, we talked about Selfishness vs. Generosity. We added a new page about it to our book of virtues. It included our verse about how "God loves a cheerful giver" and a picture of a story Zeke made up about selfishness. Daddy even got to help out a little since he happened to be awake when we were working on that.
In addition to our regular curriculum, we also tried out something new that my mother-in-law picked up for us. At the local dollar store she found some Cars themed workbooks that were about numbers, ABC's and beginning math. The kids really liked these - Ellie especially, since they had her favorite car Mater in them.
Friday, we went to the park with our playgroup, came home & did some schooling while I folded laundry and then went to my Friday Night Family Craft Group. Craft Night isn't the right name I suppose, because sometimes we just end up sitting and talking but generally we have some crafts there that we're working on as well. I usually bring scrapbooking or homeschooling stuff I'm working on; my Mom, my Aunt and my cousins bring photo albums and scrapbooks and Cathy either makes cards or works on her quilts. And technically, the people there aren't all in my family but they're darn near close enough! Zeke calls Jimmy & Cathy (our family friends) "Aunt Cathy and Uncle Jimmy" so they've definitely been accepted into the fold. :)

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