Addison Academy: Weeks 3 & 4

These past two weeks have been very chaotic and somewhat stressful. We've had a lots of things going on - Zeke's birthday (which I will update on later when I get some more pictures!), playgroups, family things and other activities - and I have very obviously been slacking on my blogging "job." ;) Our homeschool co-op group has started meeting again and the kids are very glad of that. They meet once a week for social time, either at somebody's house, at the bowling alley or other places. A lot of the kids are older but they always include our kids in whatever they're doing - and we've got some new families with younger kids as well which is always nice to see. I enjoy sitting and chatting with the other moms because most of them have been doing this for many years now and they always have insightful things to say or have "been there." They are always very encouraging and helpful.
Zeke's been working hard on his handwriting and spelling this week. He doesn't like the Handwriting book I got him but he loves practicing on the dry erase boards we have...I guess that just figures, LOL. We acquired some new school materials: a Scott Foresman Science book - it's actually for Grade Two but it will definitely work for Zeke - and a new Math curriculum since the one we chose wasn't working out very well. Ellie has enjoyed some of the Toddler Time activities I've made up for her to do while Zeke is working on his school work, especially sorting beads by color into an egg carton. You can see pictures of our week by clicking below:

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