Blogging: How Much Is Too Much?

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If you're a blogger or reader of blogs, how much do you think is too much in regards to what you or others write about? Are there certain things you don't or won't talk about? Where do you draw the line? Although I'm not as private on here as I probably could be, there are certain things I will not discuss:

- My love life: Although I do have a love life I don't feel the need to write about it on here anymore than what I just said. I think that part of my life should be between my husband and myself and not discussed with the world at large. I know some bloggers don't have a problem with that but I can't ever see myself writing about it anymore than what I already have. (Although hubby has told me that I am in fact, talking about it right now...LOL.)
- Extended family and friends: Unless I specifically ask them. I do talk about my family members and friends from time to time but I'd never write about an issue or problem they were having or anything personal without their permission. This sometimes applies to pictures of them as well. At one point in time after I got a very nasty comment, I stopped posting pictures of my children on here...but I have obviously not held to that since then.
- Conflicts with others: I do have people in my life that I'm not that fond of but I choose not to write about them on here for three reasons. One, I don't think that would improve the situation any. Writing about problems/drama with others on your blog is just asking for more, in my opinion. Two, I don't feel it's appropriate. I'm more of a "keeping my problems with others to myself" kind of gal. And three, I feel like it would be a violation of their privacy if I didn't ask them about it beforehand. (And really you can't ask someone something like that. "Oh hey, I'm going to write mean stuff about you on my blog, okay?" I doubt they'll agree to it...) The only exception to this I can see are conflicts with a stranger/someone I don't know well. For example, I've mentioned acquaintances/strangers who've said rude things about homeschooling & how I responded. But again, I wouldn't labor on and on about it - I would probably just address it and then tell the positive things about it or move on.
- Personal/Contact information: While I do discuss my family and my life, I try not to mention when we're going to be gone - I don't particularly want to be robbed - or if I do write about someplace we've been, I do it after we're already back. I suppose if someone really wanted to they could track me down because I'm not as discreet as I probably could be...but I'm also not just putting my phone number, address or anything like that on here.

So, what do you think? I know some bloggers use fictional names or nicknames for their families and don't post any pictures of their children, while others write about battles with ex's, post thousands of pictures and everything under the sun. What do you think is appropriate? I suppose in this case, I feel it's more of "to each his own" - if they're comfortable with posting whatever it is, more power to them. But on the other hand, I do think we have to restrain ourselves in some respects - stuff you put on the internet doesn't always just go away! I'd like to hear your thoughts & opinions though, so please share in the comments!

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