Addison Academy: Weeks 5 & 6

This has been a very interesting two weeks. Week Five started off with sickness plaguing our household - well, plaguing me anyway. I had major sinus issues but they were relieved rather quickly as the week went on. (I think it's just Indiana, the Bi-Polar Weather State playing tricks on me. You can't go from 100 degree weather to 50 degree weather in the span of a week and not feel at least a little thrown off!)
The kids got to go on a field trip to the Illinois Renaissance Faire with us and my parents. Zeke was in a horrible mood that day but later told me that he really did enjoy himself. Sigh...go figure.
I printed and laminated a Read! Build! Write! Vocabulary Mat from Homeschool Creations - and also some of the Vocabulary Cards that go with it. Zeke has been LOVING it - and I love that he gets to practice reading, writing and spelling all at once. I'll post some pictures of him using it in my next post (which I'll link here once it's up) which is also about Homeschool Creations and one of their preschool packs we really liked. We've continued on with our weekly homeschool lessons - although Zeke has begun to hate the handwriting book I got for him. So I've just been letting him practice his handwriting in a way he really enjoys - with our dry erase board.
We went to the library as we do pretty much every week. The kids picked out a stack full of books - one of which was The Berenstain Bears "Too Much TV." We've read it before but it seems to be one that Zeke really likes. He decided to institute "no TV week" in our household and we stuck to it pretty well. He and Ellie both seem to be actually watching the TV now (as opposed to having it on and running around, not sitting still, not really paying attention) so I've continued a modified version of it - only allowing them to watch one half hour show every other day or so...which I suppose seems strict, but since it helps I don't mind being considered strict! I've also given Zeke some more tasks to do each day, one of which is letting the chickens out in the morning, feeding them and helping lock them up at night. He REALLY enjoys that!
I also got a book at the library - The Lifetime Learning Companion by Jean & Donn Reed. It's an excellent resource for everything homeschooling. In one chapter it lists all kinds of websites and books to check out about different difficulties or challenges you might face as a homeschooling parent. One of those is a website called Born to Explore, which has lots of great information and resources about ADD, ADHD and hyperactivity in children. (I don't necessarily think Zeke has any of those things but he is a young boy that's full of energy. A lot of the time he is so incredibly hyper - to the point of not being able to sit still to do different tasks, not following through on things, constantly has his hands & legs going and making noises...but as I said, he's still young and I'm not diagnosing him with any of those things. Just a disclaimer.) I found some of the articles on there to be very interesting reading. I even found some helpful tips and ideas for assisting hyper children in their daily lives when trying to do chores or complete tasks.


  1. wait. you have real live chickens? that's amazing! i had a couple as pets when i was younger haha


  2. LOL you go, Shay! love your blog by the way. hope you're having a great week :)



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