Addison Ranch Has Grown...

Addison Ranch has grown considerably since I last wrote about it. When we went to the sale barn a couple weeks ago, we were just getting ready to leave because prices were not what we were hoping they would be - meaning they weren't cheap! Ha! But they finally got to a certain lot of chickens that nobody was bidding on. My hubby bid on them and won, and the people at the sale barn said he needed to buy them in a lot of 5, 10, etc. They kept saying, "Just take 'em all!" So he said "Sure, why not?" When I said "How many are in the box?!" he just shrugged. Gotta love him. ;) So we now have more than 40 chickens on Addison Ranch. I believe these new chickens might be Black Australorp/Orpingtons but I'm not positive about that. We're still waiting to which are roosters and which are hens. They're pretty crazy little birds - I went out to their area the other day to dump the water bowls & get them fresh water and when I bent over a bunch of them jumped on my back like they were going on a ride! They were also doing that to our big chickens I guess maybe I look like a big chicken. :)


  1. I don't know if I've ever told you this but I LOVE that you have chickens!! As we get older Justin and I lean more and more toward wanting to live somewhere with property...and maybe have a couple chickens lol.

    And the idea of them riding on my back TOTALLY seals it.

  2. I would highly suggest it! They're easy to care for and having our own eggs (and knowing exactly where they come from) makes it worth it.

    These new black ones ARE crazy! They fly out all the time and come running when they see us come out the door, LOL.


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