Star Wars Preschool Pack

Homeschool Creations is one of my favorite homeschooling websites to check out. (Oh, and there's a blog too!) One of the resources I have really enjoyed from there are the Preschool Packs - they're little printable units for kids around ages 3 - 5. They're usually based around a particular theme and they're chock full of worksheets, games and activities. You know how my household is about anything Star I was super excited to see that Homeschool Creations had a Star Wars Preschool Pack available! Read on to see the kiddos in action!

Tracing lines from Luke to Darth Vader
Ellie mainly scribbled but hey, she's two. :)
Zeke LOVED making this little book about Starfighters.
Crazy Face Man (LOL) is still playing this game. (I laminated it & stuck it in our "game" drawer so he could easily grab it.)
I loved the Read! Build! Write! board - Zeke likes writing with the dry erase markers & finding the different letters for whatever word we're working on, in this case - Luke!
Spelling out Darth Vader
Hunting for the "a" in Leia.
We use Confessions of a Homeschooler's Letter Disks for the "Build" part of our Read! Build! Write! board. The kids & I colored & laminated them so they'd last longer.
Trying to write nice & neat!


  1. this is really cool. what a neat idea for pre-school activities. thanks for sharing, Shay



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