Zumba Time!

I haven't written about my weight loss challenges for...a little while, but that's because I've hit a plateau. So far I've lost about 15 pounds (as you can see in the ticker down on the right hand side of the page) but now my weight is stuck just hovering around 220. Bleck. Ick. Gaaah. I hate typing that giant number out. Sigh. Anyway, as I said I've been stuck. So I decided to change things up a bit. One of my friends (and fellow homeschool moms) posted on Facebook that she was going to Zumba class tonight. I have some Zumba DVDs which I've done sporadically - and I've considered going to the classes before but I've always been too chicken. Tonight I just decided to push down my silly fears and go for it - plus I would have a friend there so I wouldn't be alone. And guess what? It was great! We had a really fun time. And I surprisingly didn't do too bad, I don't think. At first I felt like a giant tub of lard but as we continued on and I got more into the music I forgot about the other ladies in the class, the sweat dripping down my face, my glasses slipping off my nose and whether or not I was doing everything exactly right. (Pretty picture I've painted for you, eh?!) The music was a mix of Latin, country, current pop hits and even a little from Footloose! :) There's just something about doing a class rather than working out by yourself - for me, anyway - perhaps it's because you push yourself harder when you're in a group of people or when someone is yelling encouragements to you.
So overall, I really enjoyed myself and would definitely go back. Now to see if it helps me kick my weight loss slump!


  1. Girl, I am so proud of you! I am having some weight issues myself after having Nijel. As in, I have no motivation,so obviously I'm not losing! And I too, consider myself a "tub of lard". Maybe I will get some Zumba DVDs and exercise with Lillie. She loves to dance, so I'm sure we'd go nuts together! Thanks for being so honest and open!

  2. Good for you for pursuing your goal fearlessly! I know it takes guts to put yourself out there in front of strangers and work your butt off! And may I just say, your ticker is adorable, and you should absolutely be proud of yourself for all the effort you're giving this. Besides your weight loss, you're accomplishing something you've set out to do (and something that's very difficult to do, to boot!) Go Shay! (:


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