Addison Academy - October Overview

I haven't done an Addison Academy update in....quite awhile actually (Eek!) but that's because we've been pretty busy. (I know, I know...when aren't we busy?!) Fall is one of my favorite times for school because there's so many different things to do, places to visit and activities to enjoy. We raked a giant pile of leaves the other day and the kids had a great time jumping in them. We also picked up many different types of leaves and make drawings/rubbings of them. We're going to be going on a field trip to the pumpkin patch tomorrow and we enjoyed visiting the apple orchard a week or two ago. We've been doing lots of autumnal crafts and we decorated our living room with pumpkins, spiders and other fall-themed things.
Zeke really likes the modified workboxes we've been using. Having a visual aid of how much work he has to do is helpful because he's a very hands-on kiddo. I've been printing out and preparing all his work for the week on Sunday and sticking it all in a folder/the box. I will definitely continue to use them.
One thing that's been on my mind is Zeke's reading skills - he's behind on where I would like him to be but I haven't really been pushing him on it, mainly because he was acting like he really wanted to learn to read and was trying. Just recently though he's been scoffing at it all, though. He's started saying, "I can't read." Every time I get out one of his beginning reader books he says he can't read it because he doesn't know all the words or that I should just read it or a variety of other excuses. He barely tries and sometimes doesn't even look at the pages, just tries to guess what it says. I'm not sure where this is coming from because the hubby and I have always encouraged him to read and he's always loved looking at books. He knows all his letters and sounds but does struggle a bit with stringing them together. I've taught him to sound the letters out and we've used several different ideas/methods - sight words, flashcards, beginning reader books, letter/word DVD's - to try and help him. He does know more than he lets on, though. He'll read me something plainly off a sign while we're driving or will tell me what something says on a paper I'm looking at - so I know that he can read quite a bit actually...but when it comes to sitting down and reading he's struggling. I am (and always have been) a voracious reader and I'd love for him to be the same way - but I feel like the more I push, the more he resists and I don't want to make him hate reading. Any thoughts or ideas?


  1. I'm blog hopping and this is the third post in a row about pumpkin patches... I know I've been meaning to go, but this is starting to really feel like a hint that I should do it already! LOL Hi! New follower from the Blog Hop til You Drop! I hope you'll stop by and follow back! Thanks! Through the Eyes of a Tiger

  2. Thanks for stopping by! You should check out the pumpkin patch - we had to cancel our trip for this week (crummy weather) but we're definitely going next week. Headed to your blog now! :)


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