An Exercise in Futility, or Why I Never Get More Writing Done

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The idea was a simple one. Our day had been pretty chaotic. It was afternoon and the children were extremely wound up and bursting with energy. I figured I could take them outside into the lovely, windy fall day to blow off some steam and enjoy the great outdoors, jump in leaves, play with their toys, etc. (This was obviously a little while back since today is a cold and dreary type of day.) While the kids were enjoying the outdoors, I could get some much needed writing done. (If one wants to claim that they are an "aspiring writer and avid blogger" they should probably write a blog post or work on a story more than once an eon.)

2:00 PM - Get the kids jackets & shoes on. They run wildly outside, whooping and yelling. I set down on the step with my notebook and pen (laptop is broken so I often use these archaic writing tools - ha! - that I then type up later on the desktop) and begin thinking.

2:02 PM - Kids want various toys and things out of the garage. I assist.

2:10 PM - Stare blankly at notebook for five minutes.

2:15 PM - Ellie finds insanely awful small flute-like whistle she got in a treat bag at church and proceeds to blow it directly in my ear.

2:17 PM - After disposing of said whistle, Zeke wants me to recall a story from months ago about "that one time we were at that one place."

2:25 PM - Ellie found the whistle again. All dogs within a ten mile radius start howling and barking.

2:30 PM - Convince children to go WAY out into the back yard to blow the whistle.

2:32 PM - Have a giant mental block in my head similar to a bowel obstruction. (Ewww....)

2:33 PM - Mind wanders aimlessly for awhile thinking about what's for dinner tonight, chores that need done, school things that need printed. Text my best friend to rehash an episode of one of our favorite TV shows that was on last night. Okay, seriously...I'm going to focus now.

2:45 PM - Write a half page only to realize that I have just written a nicely worded and pretty descriptive paragraph about myself sitting on the step, writing. *headdesk*

2:47 PM - The whistle has been lost! Huzzah!

3:00 PM - Writing is going well. Children are being incredibly quiet.

3:01 PM - Too quiet.

3:02 PM - Probably because they are jumping in what used to be a sandbox. We dumped the sand awhile back so it's empty - or was until the lid got blown off during a storm the other day. It's now half-filled with water - or was until the children started jumping in it.

3:10 PM - Children have new socks and shoes and are playing peacefully with soccer ball in back yard. Ahhh.

3:17 PM - Argument breaks out over whether my littlest is kicking the ball right or not. I decide to wait and see if they can sort it out themselves.

3:19 PM - An angry wail fills the air as my littlest punches her brother. Apparently they CAN'T sort it out themselves.

3:30 PM - Argument is finally settled by me. Kids are playing separately and are fine. I go back to work.

3:45 PM - Catch myself letting my mind wander aimlessly again, thinking about upcoming things we have to do this week.

3:49 PM - Children are bickering. Again. I break up the fight. Again.

4:05 PM - The kids ask me to help them build a leaf pile. Zeke would do it but can't quite handle the big rake.

4:10 PM - I make the giant leaf pile. It's demolished in a matter of seconds. They want me to build it up again.

4:15 PM - And again.

4:25 PM - And again.

4:35 PM - Whew. Back to writing.

4:45 PM - Zeke asks if we can go work some more on one of his projects for school - who am I to argue with the kid who's actually ASKING to do his schoolwork? Besides, I'm going to have to start getting stuff ready for dinner here before too long anyway. I concede and we go inside.

The conclusion? Sometimes MOST of the time things don't go as planned. I seem to think better during inappropriate times or times when writing would be difficult - while I'm driving, as I'm trying to get to sleep when I have to get up super early, in the shower, etc. Mapping out time for myself to write doesn't really work all that well, either as evidenced above. One good time that usually works is late at night when everyone else is sleeping - but then again I usually need to be sleeping then too. I've started keeping a notebook on the nightstand by my bed and in my purse. I guess I just have to take advantage of the times I have free and try to make time when I can. :)

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  1. I hate whistles!! We gave our a train one once... that thing met an untimely death lol!


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