Thankful Thursday: Thanksgiving!

All month long on my Facebook page (my own page, not the blog's page) I've been posting something each day that I'm thankful for. This has been an excellent exercise for me to remember how good I have it - I really feel like it's changed my perspective on a lot of things. I've also been reading/hearing a lot about a book called 1000 Gifts which talks about being thankful for whatever we have, in whatever moment we're in. I'm going to try & read it soon and keep up with my Thankful Thursday posts more. It really helps to keep things in perspective. Here's what I was thankful for:

November 1st: I am thankful for friendship - for my real life friends & for my online friends I've never met, they're the sisters I never had. :)
November 2nd: I am thankful that I can be a stay at home mom. Some days are stressful but I wouldn't trade it for anything else. I get to enjoy every little thing about my kiddos & it makes homeschooling possible.
November 3rd: I am thankful for my husband Daniel. He is a hard working provider & awesome Dad. We've been through a LOT in just six years but we've also learned a lot too. I love him! ♥
November 4th: I am thankful for my kiddos each and every day. They have taught me so much. Sometimes we have bad days but I don't ever regret it. Being a mother is the greatest job in the world!
November 5th: "Most congenital heart defect children don't look sick. You can't tell them apart from other kids, but their scars are very real. Most have faced more in their short lives than any person should. Congenital Heart Defects kill more children every year than all childhood cancers combined. Beneath their shirts are battle scars, constant reminders of their battles to live. They have a strength, courage, and resilience that we can only be amazed by. Show our kids they are important, that their hearts matter. Repost for all the amazing heart children and CHD awareness." {Today I am thankful for my friend's adorable little guy Lucas who's undergone SO much and that there are medicines, treatments & procedures available to help people who suffer from CHD's and heart disease. I'm also thankful for an excellent cardiologist & that my problems are manageable.}

November 6th: I am thankful for our church family. They are always friendly, accepting & wanting to help others.
November 7th: I am thankful for homeschooling, all of it's benefits & all the wonderful families I've met through it. I have learned a LOT since we started and I know I'll continue to learn more. It's not always easy but it's so very worth it.
November 8th: I am thankful that it could be worse...but it's not. Probably sounds silly but recently whenever I've went to complain about something or whine, I've thought about how it would be if I didn't have that particular thing at all. Really puts things into perspective. I may hate some of my chores...but I'm thankful that I actually have a home. Just one example but it applies to many different things.
November 9th: Today I am thankful for my cousins. I'm an only child but I've always felt like my cousins are like my little brothers & sisters...except I don't live with them, LOL.
November 10th: I'm thankful for grace. When I mess up, lose my temper or fail at something, I know that his grace is sufficient.
November 11th: Today I'm thankful for all of the different freedoms I have in this country. I can homeschool my children and choose my religion. I chose who I wanted to marry and where I wanted to live. Even with the problems our country has, it really is the land of opportunity. Not everyone is so lucky! I hope and pray it continues to stay this way.
November 12th: I am thankful for my extended family - all of my aunts, uncles, cousins, grandmas, and grandpas. They make life fun! I'm very thankful my Dad's parents have gotten to see my kiddos grow up.
November 13th: Today I'm thankful for my parents who helped shape me into the wonderful human being I am today. ;)
November 14th: I'm thankful for our animals who provide food, fun, and life lessons for the kids: Nancy Pelosi, Stubby, the rest of our chicken brigade and Duck Duck.
November 15th: I'm thankful for myself. I guess that sounds stupid but I haven't always been happy with or *surprise* liked everything about myself. But I can say that now I do feel happy about where I am in life & who I am as a person.
November 16th: I am thankful for my new phone! :)
November 17th: I am thankful for Thanksgiving. It seems like a lot of people just want to skip it this year & go straight on to Christmas! I've always loved it - watching the parade, spending time (and eating good food!) with family & remembering all I have to be grateful for.
November 18th: I am thankful for my past, present & future. My past made me who I am, regardless of my mistakes; the present rocks & I look forward to the years ahead, for the most part. ;)
November 19th & 20th: I already said I'm thankful for my kids but for these 2 separate days I'm thankful for Ezekiel & Elisha individually. They are similar in some ways but totally different others. I am thankful for Ezekiel's sound effects, his love of exploring, his curiosity about the world, his love of geeky things that I like and even for his endless questions. I am thankful for Elisha's love of horses & babies, her silliness, how she runs to children's church, when she yells "Yay school!" and even her sometimes diva attitude. :)
November 21st: Today I'm thankful for good days! School went VERY well - we still have a bit more to do but the kiddos are taking a break for now & watching Adventures in Odyssey, I lost a wee bit more weight (even though I've been feeling icky) and I get to go out with friends this evening for Chinese! :)
November 22nd: Today I'm thankful for my Addison in-laws: cousins, aunts & uncles, grandma, mother-in-law and other assorted family I may have forgotten to mention!
November 23rd: I'm thankful for inspiration, ideas, and learning.

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