TOS Review: Math Mammoth

This review for Math Mammoth couldn't have come at a better time! I bought a Math curriculum at the beginning of our school year and after trying it, we realized it wasn't going to work. There's so many different math products out there that I wasn't sure what we were going to use. Luckily I was chosen to review a Math Mammoth product for the TOS Crew!
We got to review the Light Blue Series for Grade One. It is a complete math curriculum that goes according to grade levels. Math Mammoth also offers several other types of math curriculum that are topic based instead of by grade, depending on what you prefer. The author of Math Mammoth, Maria Miller, is a math teacher who became a homeschooler and a work at home mom. She also owns the Homeschool Math website that is a math resource site for parents of all kinds and teachers. Anyway, here's some more information on the Light Blue Series that we reviewed: The Light Blue Series is a mastery based full elementary math curriculum available for grades 1 - 6. Each grade level in this series consists of two student worktexts (A and B), and supportive materials, which include answer keys, tests, reviews, and an additional worksheet maker. The money chapter in grades 1, 2, and 3 is available for the US, Canadian, British, European, and Australian money. Each full year curriculum (as a download) costs $34. Print versions are also available.
The curriculum was easy to download and just as easy to start using - just print and go! I printed out the Kindergarten review pages first and Zeke flew through them. He's working his way through the first grade pages now and he really enjoys the worksheets. The work is pretty self-explanatory - he usually just needs me to read a bit of it to him and then he can work on it on his own, which I consider a big bonus - it's teaching him to be a bit more independent with his work, he is proud of being able to do things on his own and it gives me a bit of time to attend to my daughter/do chores/etc. while still checking in on him every once in awhile. Another reason I like Math Mammoth is because of how affordable it is - I would definitely have purchased this curriculum myself and we will for sure be purchasing it next year. And if your budget is really tight, Math Mammoth also offers their Blue Series books, costing between $2-7! You can't go wrong there.
If you'd like more information on Math Mammoth, please check out their website. To see what other TOS Crew reviewers thought of Math Mammoth, go to this post!


Disclosure: As part of The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew, we received a download of Math Mammoth for free in exchange for our honest opinion.

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