Ba-Ba-Ba Bird Bird Bird, Bird, Bird's the Word!

Remember the crazy cardinal I mentioned the other day? Well, my husband consulted with the internet machine and he figured out why Mr. Kamikaze has been attacking our window. He's seeing his reflection and thinks it's another bird infringing on his territory! To quote from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology's website:

...harmful to birds and annoying to humans witnessing it - when a bird attacks its reflection in a window. This occurs during daytime, most often in spring and early summer when birds are defending their breeding territories. The species that do this often, such as Northern Cardinals, American Robins, and California Towhees, tend to be territorial species that nest very close to buildings, and so are the ones most likely to notice their reflection and perceive it as a territorial rival.

It all makes sense now! The website goes on to say that you can place netting or screens on the outside of the window so the bird will either not see his reflection or bounce off easier/less noisily. (I guess I really do need to make that crazy animals category now, or outdoor wildlife...or something!)

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