Kamikaze Cardinal

I see what you did there.
Every morning for the past several weeks I've been awakened by a little visitor. No, it's not my children. It's a cardinal. Most people would assume I mean by tweeting or chirping...nope. Maybe even tapping...nope. Every morning between 7 - 9 AM, this cardinal dive bombs our window. Repeatedly. He also sits on the windowsill and chirps. He also taps repeatedly on the window with his beak. He will even sit there while I take pictures and/or videos of him for all the people that don't believe me. Did I mention that he slams himself repeatedly against the window, though? Because that's mostly what he does. I've come to the conclusion that this particular cardinal is one of three things:

A. Mobster-style cardinal with a vendetta against the Addison's.
B. A couple fries short of a Happy Meal, i.e. not so bright.
C. Cold and/or hungry.

So let's see, option A? He hasn't been dive-bombing me whenever I go outside and I haven't received any death threats so I'm guessing that's probably not it.

Option B? Very likely BUT he doesn't seem stupid. Even though he is ramming into the window, he seems to know that it's a window. We've opened the window and he still continues to fly into it, just at whatever different angle it's at. The kids have stood there at the window and talked/yelled/laughed hysterically and he moves over to the tree for awhile but as soon as they're quiet, he comes right back. I see him fluttering around the tree outside our window, chatting with other birds. Hubby and I have BOTH gotten up in the window and said things, waved our hands, etc. and he acknowledges it all...but still continues to fly into it window, even if we're there. I don't think he's an idiot, though. But then again I'm not an expert on birds.

Option C? It is starting to get cold and someone suggested on my Facebook that perhaps he's just cold and wants us to let him in. I'm not really sure what to think about that. We do have birds here at Addison Ranch but they all stay outside in the chicken coop. As for food, we put some out in the tree and he's been eating it so I don't think that's an issue.

I suppose there are other options - that perhaps he's just become a creature of habit and now it's just a matter of principle to him. Tapping on the window has become an every day task for him to do. Or maybe he's an escaped bird from somewhere top secret, specially trained and highly intelligent...if only we could understand what he was saying! I'll keep you updated. :)

(I filed this under our animals...which it's technically not but I don't have a category for "birds that dive bomb my window.")

Want to hear an update on this crazy bird? Check out this post.


  1. that is hilarious! Maybe he is tired of being wild and he wants to hang up his hat to be a house pet lol!

  2. that is so funny!! i kinda want to adopt him hahah


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