A Look Back at 2011 & Top 5 Posts

Happy New Years Eve - or almost New Years Eve, depending on where you are! I'm back from from my blogging break! It's a bit earlier than I was intending but I guess I just couldn't stay away...I have too much to say! ;) I'm finishing up this year by looking back through older posts on my blog. And let me just say, this has been an interesting year to say the least...

At the beginning of 2011 we celebrated in pretty much the same fashion as we are going to celebrate this year! (Woohoo!) Just a few short days later we were excited to learn that my husband was going to be starting a new job. I started writing pretty regular Homeschool Mother's Journal posts but I got away from doing them and instead started posting semi-monthly or monthly about our homeschooling adventures in Addison Academy updates. My baby girl Ellie turned two. I wrote one of my most read posts - and one that I have since passed on to anyone who's asked me about homeschooling. We celebrated six years of marriage. I wrote about how I was having trouble adjusting to hubby working again. We got incredibly busy with spring/summer activities and a lot of fun things happened: I got a momma makeover, I became a Pink Spa consultant, I got to meet the Governor, and I was interviewed on Mom Talk Radio! I was accepted into the The Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Crew and have done several reviews for them. I shared my birth stories and talked about being a big 'ol geek. Zeke turned six and I didn't write a blog post about it! (I actually gasped when I typed that, just so you know. We had SO much going on then that I guess it slipped my mind. I did mention it but never actually wrote out the full post about it.) Addison Ranch grew (well, the animal part of it anyway) and I wrote about how sometimes it's hard to write. We were dealt an unexpected blow when my husband lost his job just a few weeks before Christmas, I have a crazy cardinal that visits me and I'm incredibly thankful for it all.
I also wanted to share the top posts I wrote this year. These were my most read posts from 2011 according to Blogger statistics! Happy reading and here's to another interesting year! :)

1. Why We Homeschool
2. Reassurance
3. Adventures in Workboxes
4. Star Wars Preschool Pack
5. An Unexpected Surprise

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