The Positive Side of Unemployment

So in keeping with my positive attitude (and in trying to quell that worrier in me that's panicked about all the things I mentioned in this post) I've been thinking about all the positives of hubby's recent unemployment:

- Yesterday Zeke got a lesson during school time about on how to fix something on the refrigerator from his Dad. He got to carry around the tools and be a "helper." This is something I know I couldn't teach him so I'm glad his Dad is here to do those kinds of things with him. Today he gets to go out and help him chop wood & bring it into the house. Not only is he learning something through these experiences, but he's also getting to spend time with his Dad. Which leads into my next positive...
- My husband is here to spend time with us! Woohoo! :) At the last two jobs he's been at, he's had to work a LOT. This past job he was working six days a week, usually a lot of hours and we would end up seeing him in passing. He also worked night shift so he would be going to bed when the kids were getting up and vice versa. I think he is enjoying having a bit of a breather...well, as much as you can when you're unemployed, looking for work and there's not a lot of jobs to be had.
- This kind of ties into the previous positive as well but it's nice to have him around. I don't have to check his schedule to see if he has to work before we plan on doing something together as a family. He and I are able to enjoy time together. He's available to the kids pretty much whenever now and they are loving it. It's also helpful to me when I have something to do - such as last night when I had a Girl's Night, which we'd planned awhile back before he lost his job - he's able to watch the kiddos and I don't have to call up a family member to come babysit.
- The hubby gets a chance to think about what it is he really wants to do. He gets a chance to examine his previous jobs (in the same type of field) and decide if he wants to embark on something new or try and apply to similar places he worked before. That's not to say that he'll get to just jump in on the job of his choice because jobs are still hard to come by but he can decide where he wants to apply and see if he can get in something different, if that's what he's interested in. Also, he is in school (has been for the last couple years) so he gets to devote more time to that which is always good. His degree will definitely be a positive thing to have.

If you've ever experienced unemployment, what are some of the positive things you experienced during it?

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