TOS Review: Great Comission Language

Great Commission Languages - Easy French Jr. level

Through the TOS Crew, we got the opportunity to review Great Commission Language's Le French Facile! foreign language curriculum. All of the different programs tap incorporate the Charlotte Mason Method, Bloom's Taxonomy and high order theories by Dr. Jeanne Chall. They provide a variety of different activities to keep the kids engaged while learning the language.

TOS Crew members were given a choice of French or Spanish and we chose the French Junior level, which is made for kids in the early elementary grades. It features different characters who teach the children by gradually introducing the French into their discussions. (Although Zeke did mention to me that cats can't actually little matter of fact guy, LOL.) The curriculum comes with CDs that have PDF files of the activity sheets, coloring pages, songs, and audio of all the lessons. Zeke really likes listening to the CDs and I find them especially handy to take in the van - Zeke listens better on the road for some reason. He and Ellie picked up on the alphabet pretty quickly and he loves telling our family, "Bonjour! Je m'appelle Zeke!" The lessons are super easy to do and the workbook has many different ideas of how to incorporate the new words and phrases into your everyday.

This curriculum retails for $69.95 which initially seem a bit pricey to me for homeschoolers on a budget or who have several children to teach BUT since you can print out whatever pages you need over and over, you could use it with all your children for several years and the upper level ones are made specifically for teaching different age levels so I definitely think it's worth it if you need or want to teach a foreign language.

For more information, please check out Great Commission Language's website. To see what other crew members thought of their products, please go here!

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