TOS Review: Vintage Remedies for Kids

For this review, TOS Crew Members got to choose one of three books - Vintage Remedies for Guys, Vintage Remedies for Girls, or Vintage Remedies for Kids - to review. We chose Vintage Remedies for Kids since my kiddos are still small and since I have a boy and girl. :) The book is spiral-bound and it's made for kids ages two through six. It has three different sections – Food and Drink, Health and Wellness, and Healthy Lifestyles - and eighteen different chapters. Each chapter has a Parent's Section, "Read to Me" pages to read to the kiddos, Additional Comments about the reading, Thinking it Over questions, Leading by Example section for parents to "practice what they teach" (haha!) and Projects to drive home the lesson. I was especially interested in this book because I know that our whole family really could use some lessons in healthier eating and because the title "Vintage Remedies" really seemed like something up our alley.
Chapter Eleven: When I Get Sick is one I'm interested in doing with Zeke - we haven't gotten that far yet. The chapter covers the basics of early intervention when kids get sick. The parents section outlines what you'll be talking about with the kids and details some different herbs you can use to boost your immunities. The Read to Me section you read to the children is very straight forward and I found the earlier chapters very easy to read to Zeke. (I did have to repeat some parts of it but I always have to do that with him - he's very busy!) You then ask the Thinking it Over questions to see what they've retained and if they understand. The Leading by Example section talks about learning to listen to your own body's cues - something we could all probably use a refresher in. The chapter ends with projects and I love the featured project in Chapter Eleven - My Sickness Map. You make the child's paper like a treasure map and have them fill in the different symptoms they have when they start to get sick - runny nose, coughing, feeling sick to their stomach, etc. - all the way until they reach the "X" or end of the illness. I think this is a great activity to help kids understand and recognize those different things that happen when they're starting to come down with something.
I could definitely see this being a good book to use in a co-op or group for a health/nutrition class. You could easily do these activities with several different kids. At first I thought it seemed like an lot of reading in each chapter (since I have a very wiggly two and six year old) but in the introduction to the book it says that "the content can be used as an outline for the parents to instruct their children and should be modified to emphasize the aspects of the lesson that the child is ready to learn, based on maturity and personal preferences." That put me at ease. I also really liked the free coloring pages they have on their website as it sometimes helps to give the kids something to "do" while they listen to me read the lesson.

You can purchase Vintage Remedies for Kids through their website for $25. To learn more about Vintage Remedies, please check out their webpage HERE. To see what other crew members thought, go HERE.


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