An Unexpected Surprise

This morning I had to go to the doctor's office to have a test done. As I sat down in the exam room, the technician asked me, "So, how's your morning been so far?"

A million things ran through my head in those few seconds.

I thought of my husband calling me early this morning to tell me he is no longer employed because of down sizing and reorganization within his company.

I thought back to when this happened to us before.

I thought about how we are going to have a lot less money. I thought about our bills. I thought about the holidays and birthdays and fuel and food and doctor visits and and medicine and clothes and all the different things in life that cost money.

I thought about how we suddenly have no insurance - on the day I have a test, no less! I thought about this test (and the other ones I have scheduled for next week) that are probably going to be crazy expensive without insurance.

I thought about two little children at home and a stepchild.

I said, "Well, it's been interesting."

You know, I could get upset about this. I could rant and rave. I could plead with God and cry about how everything always goes wrong for us, how life is holding us down. But that's not true and that's not how I'm choosing to react. I was shocked for sure but as I said, we've been down this path once before.

I learned a lot when my husband was unemployed before and I feel it was an experience that made us stronger as a family. We survived and we will this time as well. That's not to say that things will just be peachy keen and that we won't have to change anything...but I do know that everything will turn out okay. God's got it all under control and he knows what's best. :)


  1. <3 you, Shay. Your positive attitude never ceases to amaze me. You will come through this stronger as a woman, mother and family. If you ever need a shoulder, I have two that are yours for the taking.

    <3 Katie S

  2. Thanks love. I really appreciate it and you know I'll take advantage of that shoulder! :)


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