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Have you heard of The 2:1 Conference? It's "a faith based conference for homeschooling parents that blog (not just about homeschooling), or are otherwise interested in social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter." When this conference was announced months and months ago I thought to myself, "That sounds AWESOME!" There's going to be so many good speakers there (some of my favorite bloggers!) and a wide variety of homeschooling and blogging topics - The Busy Moms Guide To Time Management, Organization and Planning by Jolanthe from Homeschool Creations & Carisa from 1+1+1=1, Keeping Littles Entertained, Homeschool on a Shoestring, Homeschool in Stressful Times and Crisis by Amy from Raising Arrows, learning more about Facebook and Twitter, Creating Community - the list goes on and on!
I have been praying about this conference ever since it was announced and was making little plans in my head of how I could arrange to go...and then hubby lost his job right before Christmas and our finance situation changed. Hubby probably would have tried to scrape and save to make it where I could go but I didn't even bother him with it because I thought, we have two kids, we need groceries, we have a house payment, we have bills...and there's always next year. Days later, I still felt like God was really impressing it upon me that I should go, though - so I continued to pray, even though I didn't see anyway we could manage it. A week or two ago, 2:1 opened up a page on their website where people interested in going could submit their information about themselves and their blog to be given to interested sponsors. I submitted my information but tried not to get my hopes up too much. I figured there were probably a lot of people looking for sponsorship - I've talked on Twitter with several - and I was still doubting.
Monday when we were getting ready to leave our homeschool co-op, I was feeling very blessed. The kids had a good time, I had a good time and I was just feeling pretty darn great. We got into the car and I was sending messages before we left (no texting while driving!) and decided I'd check my email. At the top of my inbox was a very thoughtful email from a company...wanting to sponsor me! The email also talked about my blog and my kids and how they thought their curriculum could help my son who is a struggling reader. I won't lie - I got teary-eyed. I am blessed beyond measure. There are not words enough to express my thanks to WriteShop for being my sponsor to The 2:1 Conference - I am incredibly grateful! In the coming weeks I will be writing up a review and hosting a giveaway for WriteShop, in addition to telling you more about all the great products they offer! :)


  1. That is so awesome!! I am also going! I was just sponsored yesterday by See The Light art curriculum!! Looking forward to meeting you!

  2. Oh how wonderful, Joy! That's great! :)

  3. I'm also excited to be such an important part of getting you to 2:1, Shay. So glad to be able to bless you!


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