Addison Academy: Week 3

In my life this week…
We had yet another strange weather week. We haven't gone much of anywhere. I did go to a meeting Tuesday night with some friends and their little ones. My little ones stayed home with Daddy and it was weird being the only mom without kids! Luckily, my friend Carol's little guy decided I was going to be his buddy and wanted to sit on my lap and play Angry Birds on my phone. I know how to bribe kids. ;)

In our homeschool this week…
We've really been enjoying the new schedule/curriculum change up. I'll have a review/giveaway up sometime next week for WriteShop - I can't wait to tell how it's been going! The History curriculum I got for cheapity cheap on CurriculumShare is working out great too. It's just the right level for Zeke - we learned about maps, compasses and continents this week. Zeke's favorite subject right now seems to be Math - he flies through Math pages and has really been enjoying making up story problems.

I am inspired by…
People helping other people. I was told by my friend Katie about a local family who's dealing with the challenges accompanying a newborn...but not just any newborn, this little guy was born at just 23 weeks! He's doing well and growing but is currently only around 2 pounds. (Can you imagine?! My kiddos were each around 7 pounds and I thought that was tiny.) The family, who also has another young child, are now having to deal with medical bills - on top of their normal bills, making trips back and forth to the local children's hospital, all the expenses that come with traveling like that and I'm sure many other burdens. Katie started a Facebook group and it's amazing to see how people are just stepping up, donating and helping out. I won't be able to attend the benefit they're having for the little guy and his family but for all orders that are placed on my Pink Spa website from now until midnight Sunday, I'll be donating my commission to the family. And my boss is chipping in to double that amount! How cool is that? (If you'd like to order something, you can order it directly from my website. Or if you're local to me, you can just give me your order and I'll place it for you.) I need to stock up on a few items I'm low on so I'll definitely be ordering something. :)

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…
We didn't make it to homeschool co-op this week! Sunday evening was filled with pouring rain, insane lightning/thunder and even the chance for tornadoes - isn't it supposed to be January?! We were all up late. Zeke couldn't sleep - he wasn't scared, he just couldn't get to sleep so Daddy ended up making grilled cheese for everyone and then we ended up sleeping in the next morning.

Zeke enjoying a midnight snack
My favorite thing this week was…
We've been using Artistic Pursuits Art curriculum and our lesson this week was about how artists communicate - often without words. One of the activities was to have the kids act out different words and emotions. I mentioned on Facebook that I wish I would have gotten out the video camera - it was hilarious! I showed them how I would act out a few (like sadness, excitement, etc.) and they loved it. They had fun going out in another room, picking a word to act out and then coming back in & having me guess what they were doing.

What’s working/not working for us…
In addition to our regular schoolwork, we also added in a little Angry Birds School - courtesy of 1+1+1=1. My kids LOVE Angry Birds. (Ellie even calls our crazy cardinal, "dat Ang'y Bird.") I'm going to laminate a few of the printables so the kids can continue to play with them. :)

I’m cooking…
Same as last week - still not a whole lot! Hubby is putting me to shame - not that that's really hard to do, though...I am not the world's best cook. ;) He is enjoying getting to cook for us while he's got time to do it and I very much appreciate it! I think he's cooked dinner almost every night for the last two week!

Salmon with a delicious sauce hubby whipped up from scratch, rice and corn!

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…
That's what she thinks of you, Boba Fett....
The picture continues to crack me up every time I see it. It's Ellie with Lego guy heads on her fingers, in case you didn't know what it was. :)

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  1. How great that your husband cooks! Mine used to until his work schedule changed! Oh man, how I miss that. It looks like you had a great week. Yay for that!!

    1. Thanks! Even though he's unemployed and that stinks, it sure is nice to have his cooking! ;)

  2. The Angry Birds unit is on my list too. My little one loves them even though she has no skill at the actual game.

    It's always nice when curriculum changes work out. We had to make an "emergency" change 5 weeks in because what we were using was severely flawed.

    Popping in from HMJ.

    1. My son is pretty good at Angry Birds but my daughter still has a lot of trouble managing it - she always flings them the opposite way, haha.

      Uh-oh, that doesn't sound good! Our curriculum changes seem to have made everything flow a lot smoother so I'm pretty happy.

      Thanks for stopping by! :)


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