Better Mom Monday ~ Saying Yes to the Best

I'm joining in on The Better Mom Monday's Link Up again. On the post for today it said something I found to be very poignant: "We just need to be careful about how full we fill our plates, and seek the Lord and what He has for us to do. There are so many opportunities, but what are the ones only you can do? There are very few things that only you can being a wife to your husband and your children. It is so important for us moms to be able to say no to the good, so that we can say yes to the best." I mentioned in my News Years post that I've been trying to really focus on what is good for me and my family - and sometimes that means saying no to things that I probably *could* do. I'm not very good at saying "no" to the bad things, let alone things that might be good...but I think I'm getting better. When I take on an activity or project now, I really do try to think about whether it benefits or is helpful to my jobs as mother, wife, daughter, cousin, friend, and keeper of my household.
Over the past year or so, I've drawn closer to several different ladies who are in the same (or a similar) "boat" as me: mothers with young children and husbands who are taking care of their homes and families, with the same types of values, and it is something wonderful to have "upon my plate." We have differences obviously - some are in school themselves, some have businesses, some don't homeschool - but the similar values is the part that's really important to me. I have two very dear friends in particular who I can share most anything with, even if it's silly. I've focused on my relationships with them more because they are the kind of friends who I could text or message about something bad, and they would build me up with Biblical wisdom, genuine care and prayer. I genuinely appreciate their friendship.
We started a new homeschool co-op today and I got to talking with some of the other moms about our kids. We were talking about grade levels and I said that Zeke was in first grade but really he's in first in some areas, Kindergarten in others so I just usually say his age, not his grade - they all nodded their heads and knew exactly what I was talking about. We talked about how active & antsy boys usually are and I just smiled because they "got" it - they'd been there or they're there right now. This homeschool co-op is another thing that I've taken upon my plate but it's something that is best for us. Zeke benefits from the classes & the kids and I get inspiration and advice from the other mothers.
I'm still plowing along through 31 Days to Clean and my De-Clutter Calendar. I've gotten a little behind but am going to work hard to catch up this week. It's an especially important part of my plate since the household is one of my main duties - and right now it's looking kind of shabby. (Eeek!) This month in particular I'm going to be looking for ways to say yes to what is best and examine if there's any areas I need to change.

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  1. LOVE this concept. I take on a lot. Saying no is very hard for me. Though I'm getting better at it I still take on a lot. This gives me a new way to look at things when considering if I should or should not do them.

    Oh and <3 <3 <3


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